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Residential Programs


(This program is currently NOT available at this time)

First Nations Restoration Center offers residential programming that will accomodate 6 individuals for each intake. A variety of specialized intakes includes:  couples, single parents, men and women. We focus on working through challening life issues such as grief and addictions. We like to work with small groups or individuals for a more one-on-one approach. We individualize your plan to ensure it is relevant to you and your needs.


Your individual plan will be completed through:

-Personal work

-One to one coaching with staff

-Group Coaching (if applicable)

-Assigned Material, such as a genogram or journalling


Interested in applying to our residential program online? Click Here

To download an application form Click here



One of the many ways you will spend your time. Enjoy the peace of being on the water.



Enjoy fishing? So do we! Spend some time out on the lake while you stay with us.

Enjoy the view

Enjoy the view

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